Kanji Related to Women

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This time we are going over Japanese kanji that are considered JLPT N1 level, but could be easily memorized by a beginner. We will go over the japanese kanji for women or female, and how it is used in two more kanji for matrimony/marriage and pleasure.


ジョ, ニョ, ニョウ, おんな, め, た, つき, な
woman, female


This is a simple three stroke kanji that is supposed to depict a woman. If you take a look at the first two strokes, it looks like a woman that crossed her legs in a sexy pose. The third stroke you can think of her extending out her arms while she is having a conversation with her other female friends at an ochakai (afternoon tea party).

Here are some frequently used words:

女の子 おんなのこ (ONNA NO KO) GIRL

女の人 おんなのひと (ONNA NO HITO) WOMAN

女性 じょせい (JOSEI) FEMALE

女子 じょし (JOSHI) WOMEN

The last one is commonly seen in another word, 女子会 (じょしかい/JOSHIKAI) which translates to girl’s party or girl’s night.





Kanji For Pleasure

Kanji For Pleasure

Kanji For Matrimony

Kanji For Matrimony

The first thing you notice is that both of these kanji use the radical on the left side. This is a good indication that they have something related to females. In my eyes, the first one for pleasure clearly depicts a man on his knees begging the lady for some specific pleasures…. well, you can let your imagination run wild.

Often used in 娯楽 (ごらく/GORAKU  pleasure, recreation, amusement)


このえいがはきょういくとごらくを かねている。

This is a movie which combines education with recreation.

The second kanji for matrimony is also straight forward, and men know this. Marriage consists of two things, a woman and an entrapped man. The man is trapped inside a box, symbolizing how he will be socially constrained once entering into a marriage/matrimony. It is often seen in 婚姻 (こんいん/ KON’IN) which means marriage or a matrimony.

I hope that these two kanji will be as easy for you to remember as they were for me!