JLPT N1 Kanji Character For Oath: 誓 Easy to Remember

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This I hope would be an easy kanji to remember. It is an N1 level kanji, however it should be easy to memorize regardless of your level.

There are three easy to remember radicals for this kanji:

  きん axe

扌てへん hand (radical form of 手)

言 げん say, speak, declare

When a politician swears (declares) an oath before taking his position in office, he is promising to uphold the constitution, its amendments, and the law of the land. Now how many politicians do you know that actually hold true to that oath? Probably not even a handful. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were consequences for not upholding it? If they break the law or a section of the constitution, I can imagine that their punishment is having their left hand chopped by an axe. Why should it be only the citizens who get jailed and sentenced for small petty crimes, when politicians get away with the biggest charges.

Let me know if this was helpful to remember this kanji or if you have another interesting mnemonic.